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Anexio - Hosting and Colocation

Anexio - Hosting and Colocation
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Description ANEXIO is an accredited provider of Cloud and managed IT business services. ANEXIO delivers a broad range of advanced IT services to small to mid-size organizations, focusing on reducing overall costs while enabling businesses growth.

Our Services Include
- IT Infrastructure Management
- Networking and Telecommunications
- Backup and Recovery
- Hosting and Colocation
- Cloud Services

Web Address
[url=http://www.anexio.com/services/hosting-and-colocation/] Anexio - Hosting and Colocat
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  • Anexio - Managed IT Services
  • Anexio - Data Management Center
  • Anexio - IT Infrastructure Management
  • Anexio - IT Services & Computer Repair, Computer Consultant, Data Recovery, Business Management Consultant
  • Anexio - Hosting and Colocation
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